Case No. 3:16-cv-32-MHL (E.D. Va.) and Case No. 3:16-cv-670-MHL (E.D. Va.)

United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia

The deadline to participate in the Settlement and Mediation Program was August 22, 2020, and has passed.

Consumers with Public Records on Their Experian Credit Reports

Could Be Affected by a Class Action Settlement Involving Credit Reporting

There is a settlement in class action lawsuits against Experian involving the reporting of certain public record information on Experian credit reports. The settlement was approved on February 1, 2019.

• You are included if you: (a) requested and received a copy of your credit report from Experian between January 15, 2011 and September 21, 2018 that included a public record (such as a bankruptcy, judgment or tax lien); and/or (b) between January 15, 2014 and September 21, 2018, had a credit report communicated by Experian to a third party (such as a lender) where the credit report contained a tax lien or civil judgment, and where such lien or judgment was reported inaccurately or did not belong to you.

• This settlement does not release your individual claim(s) unless you accept a payment under the Mediation Program or participate in the Arbitration Program.

• The settlement establishes a Mediation Program and a binding Arbitration Program for consumers who had a tax lien or civil judgment reported inaccurately by Experian, and/or a tax lien or civil judgment reported about them that did not actually belong to them. If you are able to provide certain types of documentation showing harm resulting from Experian’s reporting, you could receive a monetary payment from Experian. You will have the assistance of Class Counsel to determine if you are eligible for the Program(s) and their representation throughout the Programs’ processes, at no cost to you. The Programs were available until August 22, 2020 (18 months following the Effective Date of the settlement). This deadline has passed.

• The settlement also provides Settlement Class Members with the ability to request an activation code for two years’ worth of Experian IdentityWorksSM Plus, a credit monitoring service.

• The settlement further includes significant changes to Experian’s business practices. Experian will stop reporting civil judgments and tax liens and will provide consumers the identity and contact information of its vendor from whom it obtained its records.

Your legal rights are affected by the settlement even if you do nothing. Please read entire Notice carefully.


Do Nothing

The settlement was approved, and you will benefit from the settlement. Experian will remove civil judgments and tax liens from your credit reports for a period of time and will provide consumers requesting their credit reports with the identity of the vendor who provided Experian with such records. You did not release your individual claims, but you are not able to sue Experian on a class action basis for the claims at issue in the settlement.

Submit a Request for a Mediation Payment

The settlement was approved, and you may now be eligible to submit a request for payment if you suffered harm from inaccurate reporting of a judgment or tax lien by Experian. A monetary award is not guaranteed. If you accept a payment, or if you choose to participate in the Arbitration Program, you will be required to sign a release of your individual claims against Experian. The deadline to request a mediation payment was August 22, 2020, and this deadline has passed.

Submit a Request for an Activation Code for Credit Product

After verifying your identity and Settlement Class membership, you can request a credit monitoring product. You will receive an activation code for two years of credit monitoring product from Experian. You will not release your individual claims by accepting this product. The deadline to submit a request for credit monitoring was August 22, 2020, and this deadline has passed.

• If you have further questions, you may review answers to frequently asked questions by clicking here.

• You may contact the attorneys representing the Settlement Class for further information or assistance. Click here for more information about the attorneys representing the Settlement Class. You may also contact the Settlement Administrator by clicking here.